With our extensive experience we bring you closer to your goal – quickly, discretely and reliably. We offer you high-quality services in specialized fields. Depending on what you consider necessary for solving your problem, we offer you competent and proven strategies in the fields of general claims management. In addition, we have specialized in investigations of all kind to protect/enforce your economic interests. In individual cases we also investigate in private matters.
Another aspect of our support is when you or your family members feel jeopardized and need temporary or permanent personal security.
Our technology department takes care of you and your needs. That includes the detection of covert surveillance technology on the one hand, and the installation of customized video and audio technology on the other hand.
We are also able to provide extensive security consultations and security checks.
We work together with a renowned law firm that consults us in any legal matters. Our legal partner extends our service in legal issues and hence helps to achieve the best possible overall result for you.
Our company was founded in 1978 and since then we have fought and investigated for you and your right.
Starting in uncharted waters, we have established ourselves over the last decades and have become one of the most successful service providers in this field.
Claims management, economic investigations, personal security, legal advice and security checks are very sensitive fields. There is no room for mistakes or second chances.
In order to permanently meet quality requirements, we only employ selected staff that, without exception, comes from national and international special units of police or military forces and their investigative authorities.
Our staff is the trademark of our company and has guaranteed the successful work during the previous decades.
The special missions that our employees have completed and the contacts our employees have established enable us to implement our activities, investigations, claims, security jobs and goals worldwide.
We offer a global network of specialists, selected contacts, permanent local contacts and local authorities – from Thailand to Columbia, from Rio de Janeiro to Oslo.
Therefore, we do not depend on external companies and subcontractors when we do international jobs. We work on your case with our proven quality. We work nationally and internationally only with permanent staff that is specially trained and known to us.
This guarantees that you will only get investigators that meet the highest quality standards and at the same time offer the necessary discretion in dealing with your case, your data and incurring results.
It also saves money and time when specialist local employees use the local language when dealing with general issues, when dealing with local authorities and when returning your assets and property.
Our legal department has an excellent reputation and has established itself successfully over the past decades in the legal field.
Convince yourself in a consultation, when we assess your legal situation and your chances of winning.
Our world is moving faster and faster. It is getting more technologized. In order to cope with these changes and use technological advantages, special employees are required. Our IT-specialists support our investigators and hence guarantee an effective use of up-to-date technologies.
Our concept is a complete service for you. From the first consultation to the investigation of facts and evidence or the return of goods to asserting your claims and rights in court.
Hence, all information remains in one hand and you will receive the best possible result.

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