Personal Security

A world without borders offers many possibilities, but also involves risks and provides opportunities for criminals.

State investigative authorities are often slow and inflexible. They often only investigate when something has already happened. And even then, the German justice system is often difficult and loses its effectivity due to obsolete regulations and inflexible public bureaucracy. .

Preventive measures are generally not adopted in German authorities or have to be stopped after a short period.

Wealth often makes you the target of criminals. But you can get active and protect yourself, your family and your possessions.

Our company offers you the possibility to effectively protect yourself, to know your family to be safe and to keep your possessions. It is an essential requirement for employment in our company to have served before in special police and military force units. Our employees have been proved to be highly decorated specialists and also follow you into areas of conflict. Medical care – if necessary – is guaranteed by our experienced doctors also in instable countries directly on-site. You will receive the maximum of safety and quick care on-site – wherever you are. You will profit from a staff quality that you will not easily find anywhere here or abroad.

We offer short-term personal security (business travels, stays abroad of your children or concrete situations of threat) as well as long-term security measures. Based on our specialist up-to-date security assessments and analyses of potential hazards nationally and internationally, we are able to accompany you safely worldwide.
You decide who is to be protected. Yourself, your wife, your children…
We advise you and propose an individual protection concept. Together with you, we implement the concept and take care of you to the extent you determine.

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