Claims Management

You have established a business, you are leading a successful company?

This success is based on your enthusiasm and knowledge, on hard work and commitment. But also on the collaboration with contractual partners and other companies.
So far a successful, but also a sensitive network of giving and taking.
But what if you get to deal with a black sheep in the business. Or what if a longtime partner holds you back and does not make any payments. This is not only disagreeable, but it can get you into trouble in everyday business.

Acting quickly is now crucial. Because it is about your money, your future. A modern, effective claims management is necessary.
As your partner, we offer you a competent and experienced service. In close consultation with you and our legal department, and with the necessary sensitivity, we approach the contractual partner to reach the goal of our assignment.
We do not only remind the debtor of overdue payments in a formal, polite and adequate manner, but also with the necessary consistency to settle the payment.

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