Business Detective Agency

In Germany, enormous damage is caused by economic crime. Millions of Euros are lost. Economic crime is very diverse and can get every business into financial difficulties.
Due to economic crime, such as fraud, industrial espionage and misappropriation in capital investments, theft in companies, working time fraud, obscured working conditions, fraudulent bankruptcy and competition offenses, some businesses do not only lose a lot of money, economic advantages and important internal knowledge, but they also have to completely close down their business eventually.

But also the violation of copyrights, product and market piracy, corruption, computer and cyber crime, illegal temporary employment and illegal appropriation or use of property as well as theft and fraud can get your company into trouble and even to break down.

It is hence about you, about your company, your employees and a lot of money, your money!

We are a modern economically specialized investigation firm. Our employees are specialized in their respective field and use their extensive know-how and the latest technologies.

Our detectives take a case-oriented approach and investigate and observe within your business (internally) or in external companies.

Hence, we receive the best possible results in the shortest possible time.

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